A Battle of Odds – Book Description

Coll Nolan leaves the Marine Corps at the end of the Vietnam War a hero, with no job and no future. He has only one ambition:  to win the most money in Las Vegas history betting on major league baseball. To begin to do that he needs a bankroll to start him off, but has no idea how to amass it.

A former Marine buddy offers to get him a job with his family’s business in New York City, a prominent diamond import house. The menial, but high-paying, job he lands includes being a chauffeur and bodyguard for the company’s Dutch-born owner, Bartel Vandermeer. It seems like work heaven-sent, but before long he’s asked to perform acts that go far beyond driving a limo.

Coll Nolan soon must run for his life from men who want him dead. They hunt him and find him, even under government protection in remote places. His Las Vegas goal begins to look like an impossible dream, unless he can get the money he needs and hone skills making him good enough to take on the gambling experts in Nevada and, at the same time, survive the killers who stalk him. He calls on all his military skills to help him survive, and finds an ally in a most unexpected place: a church. The support is welcomed, but like all Las Vegas bets, there are never any guarantees.  

An additional factor creeps into play. For Coll to realize his dream, he has to sidestep the death that threatens him daily for an entire baseball season─almost seven months.

Coll knows, one way or another, it’s going to be A Battle of Odds.

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