The Omega Formula

The Pacific Theater in World War II did not end because atomic bombs were dropped on Japan in 1945.The Japanese knew the U.S. possessed only two A-bombs and had no chance to make more in time to affect a surrender. They also knew that an invasion would cost dearly in Allied lives and casualties, with no guarantee of victory. Enter The Omega Formula, the incredibly powerful, final plan that would ensure Japan’s unconditional capitulation.

Decades after the war ends, Florida detective Frank Dugan uncovers the plan when he inherits a house in a Baltimore suburb that once belonged to his late grandfather, a professor emeritus of nuclear physics at MIT, and a consultant to the Air Force during World War II. He further discovers that the author of the deadly Omega Formula is his beloved grandfather, a man with a closely guarded secret, one that could change the future of mankind.

Now, from the grave, William challenges his grandson to unravel the cryptic puzzle of The Omega Formula and be responsible for its devastating power. Frank has no idea that revealing the secret project, and its frightening propaganda film, will lead to murder, espionage and incredible international interest as the former marine battles for his life while trying to save civilization from its horrific, reborn potential and solve the Omega Formula’s intricate riddle — before someone else does.

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