The Mothers of Invention

LOGLINE:  A woman who has lost her husband and her only child, to murderers who have evaded the justice due them, vows to make them pay for their crimes. She originates and organizes The Mothers of Invention, who will see that justice is served without any chance of discovery or danger of arrest.

 Joann Erikson has endured the recent murder of her detective husband and now her only child in a senseless drive-by shooting outside a movie theater that takes several innocent lives. The perpetrators are caught and tried, but they get off on a legal technicality the leaves her in a state of rage that drives her toward deadly revenge, instilling worry and fear in all who love and befriend her.

Joann gathers enough control to subdue her anger and the drive to avenge the murders of her family, which could lead to her serving lifetime in prison. The festering rage forces her to consider alternate ways to carry out justice on those who kill and dodge proper punishment. She organizes the covert group she dubs the Mothers of Invention, who train and carry out deadly retribution on all who evade paying the price for murder.

The Mothers of Invention, or the MOI, go on an efficient and systematic slaughter of murderers who continue to live in freedom and carry on in law-abiding society. The secret organization operates undiscovered for months, but a small flaw in their invisibility sets in motion the revelation of their exclusive and clandestine club.

The current police in Joann’s home town closes in on her covert activity, but their own corruption interferes with bringing them to arrest and trial. A final battle to the death saves the MOI from legal danger, but the dissolution of the group is far from acceptance by certain of its members. The Mothers of Invention will continue in the shadows where the law can never see them at work.