The Omega Formula  

100,000 words

LOGLINE:  A Florida detective discovers the real reason the Japanese surrendered in World War Two, and it was something far more terrifying than atomic bombs. Now he has to fight for his life to keep the secret of the Omega Formula from all who seek it and could rule the world with its awesome power.

Florida Detective Frank Dugan discovers the existence of plans for the most devastating weapon of war ever conceived, plans that lie hidden somewhere in America. It becomes immediately evident to him, an Iraq War veteran, that whoever finds its covert formula could dominate every nation on the globe.

Frank Dugan’s grandfather was a Manhattan Project nuclear physicist with a closely guarded World War II secret, one that could change the future of mankind. Now, from the grave, he challenges his grandson to unravel the cryptic puzzle of The Omega Formula and be responsible for its devastating power in the 21st Century.

Frank uncovers the plan when he inherits a house in a Baltimore suburb that once belonged to his late grandfather. The detective has no idea that his exposure of the decades-old project and its frightening propaganda film will lead to murder, espionage, and powerful international interest that will have the former Marine battling for his life while he tries to save the world from its awesome, reborn potential, and solve the Omega Formula’s intricate riddle.

Enter Cezar Nicolai, a powerful international arms dealer, who joins the hunt and is determined to possess the weapon. No one, not even the United States government, can begin to match his wealth of cunning resources, nor his ruthlessness, but Frank Dugan has vowed to stop him and redeem his grandfather’s honor. It’s a race to save civilization from a megalomaniacal monster, a harrowing race to the death where there can be only one winner.

A best-selling author says …

A terrific read, with an equally terrific premise. The pace is blistering, and the hero can crack wise with the best of them. If you like thrillers, you’ll love this one.
– Robert Broomall – author of The Dispatch Rider, The Crusaders. and Texas Kingdoms

A recent reviewer and Writer’s Digest awards judge had this to say about The Omega Formula:

The Omega Formula presents us with a nice, professionally designed cover art.  Great opening line.  The author has a knack for opens and end of chapter hooks that keep you reading, and that desire to turn the page is unquenchable.

Great action and pacing.  The story momentum keeps moving forward and I didn’t find any instances where I wanted to log off and take a break.  So, you’ve really done a nice job capturing attention, keeping attention, and enticing the reader into a true fan.

Now, let’s talk about Frank Dugan.  Who wouldn’t love this character?  Smart, funny, and easy to root for.  Consider me a fan.  I am very much looking forward to reading more books featuring Frank.  Just an all around fabulous characterization here.  One of the best I’ve read in a long time. 

No major issues with the production quality or story structure.  I think you have a very solid entry here.  You should be proud of this entry and if marketed properly—it could be very well received.  Best of luck and keep up the great work.