Murderers Island (formerly titled: Resort Isle)

86,000 words

LOGLINE:  A victimized cop devises an innovative prison system that will stop recidivist criminals from ever returning to society to promote their deadly mayhem.

Murderers’ Island is the prequel to The Omega Formula, and sets in motion the career of Detective Frank Dugan.

In Frank’s early days in law enforcement, he’s faced with unbearable personal tragedy at the hands of villains who know no bounds and arrogantly kill and plunder to increase their iron grip on southern California and fill their coffers with bloodstained wealth.

Frank Dugan wants recidivist thugs and murderers not just stopped, he wants them sent where there’s no return to decent, civil society. He wants them put on a tropical paradise that tourists and vacationers would compare to Tahiti, Hawaii, or the Virgin Islands. But on this get-away there’s no coming back. It’s a one-way travel package to an Eden in the Pacific, but there’s a catch: It’s surrounded by guards … but they aren’t human. 

It’s society’s way to end the threat of recycling career criminals. It’s America’s new super max prison with palm trees, coconuts, and the most vicious sharks known to man. It will be their last resort.

But detective Dugan never figured that one day he’d be the guest of his own invention, a permanent resident at this island, a place where many he sent can’t wait to kill him.